Call for Actors (Los Angeles)

I’m sharing an initial call for actors for an upcoming project.
I’m looking to cast a few different roles for a scripted long-form episodical / art film.

* All genders, accents, ethnicities. Mainly 25-40 but not only
* Los Angeles area
* Paid

* Please add a personal introduction, headshot, resume, reel & send it to contact[at]

Please forward to whomever might be interested.


THE PRESENT – a 4 weeks workshop in Los Angeles


Film director and artist Lior Shamriz leads a 4-week intensive workshop expanding the realm of performance for the camera. This workshop will be using the live process of recording as means to create a framework for extended representation.

THE PRESENT – will focus on the construction, representation and manipulation of what we call “the present” – as an individual experience and as a shared, common ground, and the function of that common ground as a tool within civil society.

Performers and film makers are invited to explore methods for creating the “illusion of the real” with film director and artist Lior Shamriz. THE PRESENT is a workshop for those who want feedback on a long term project in an intimate setting and also for those who desire to make a new project within the class. Collaboration is invited among participants but not expected. We will examine examples from film history and visual culture, experiment together in class and work on individual projects.

Lior Shamriz was born in Ashkelon on the East Mediterranean, lived a decade in Berlin and is now based in Los Angeles. They create essayistic narrations that utilize cinema as performance and the cinematic languages as a process of reflexive documentation. Their work was presented at over a hundred international film festivals, including the Berlin Film Festival (2010, 2013, 2015), Locarno, Torino, Frameline, venues such as MoMA NY, awarded prizes at the Oberhausen Kurzfilmtage (2013, 2014, 2015).

Saturdays – July 7-14-21-28, from 1pm till 4:30p

RSVP to Suggested price $70-110 for the whole month (4 meetings)

PAM Residencies. 5810, 1/2 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90042


Installation in Hollywood

Installation at Visual Artists Group, 5239 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles.

Corduene Meditation Site and Mirrors for Princes. November 24-26 2017

Visual Artist Group is happy to present a new iteration for Lior Shamriz’ Corduene Meditation Space, made especially for the space in Hollywood, Los Angeles.
Side by side to the meditation space we will project Shamriz’s film MIRRORS FOR PRINCES within the gallery.

Meditating on the meaning of territory, nationhood and the trauma of the self, Shamriz re-imagines a 5th century Corduene (Modern day Syria/Kurdistan) religious site for healing and appropriates it for contemporary setting within an art gallery. Through a story of a 5th century massacre and a specific designated “game” rules, setting the installation in Los Angeles allows us to bring to light questions on the relationship between the American White diaspora with its ancestral Europe, in particular within the art community.

The site was first set up in Seoul in spring 2017.

Installation at SeMA Nanji

KURDANAYE SITE FOR HEALING – an installation at SeMA Nanji Seoul.


Meditating on the meaning of territory, nationhood and trauma of the self, Shamriz re-imagines a 5th century Kurdanaye religious site for healing and appropriates it for contemporary setting within an art gallery. This parallel duality of irony and spirituality is a site-specific variation on the artist’s idiosyncretic cinematic language that often combines these two contradictory elements within the framework of a performative experience. It alludes to very contemporary concerns as travel bans, globalization and surveillance at the same time that it conveys a timeless spiritual simplicity. In an act of somewhat defiance against a current zeitgeist, to experience the site’s spiritual property the visitor is obliged to avoid witnesses and the truthful sharing of his experience. The only permitted and possible account of the visit is a false one. In addition, a set of three rules determines who is eligible to enter the territory – a person who hadn’t committed murder in the last three years, physical assault in the last month and who hasn’t been in the area of the Western Roman Empire.

Read the story behind the installation and its special set of rules here.