Installation in Hollywood

Installation at Visual Artists Group, 5239 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles.

Corduene Meditation Site and Mirrors for Princes. November 24-26 2017

Visual Artist Group is happy to present a new iteration for Lior Shamriz’ Corduene Meditation Space, made especially for the space in Hollywood, Los Angeles.
Side by side to the meditation space we will project Shamriz’s film MIRRORS FOR PRINCES within the gallery.

Meditating on the meaning of territory, nationhood and the trauma of the self, Shamriz re-imagines a 5th century Corduene (Modern day Syria/Kurdistan) religious site for healing and appropriates it for contemporary setting within an art gallery. Through a story of a 5th century massacre and a specific designated “game” rules, setting the installation in Los Angeles allows us to bring to light questions on the relationship between the American White diaspora with its ancestral Europe, in particular within the art community.

The site was first set up in Seoul in spring 2017.