The Recursive Stage – 8 Weeks Film Workshop in L.A

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Following the success of our previous course, we’re launching a new Process to Practice course with Lior Shamriz.


From a TV series starring wild-west robots to artist workshops in self-organized art-spaces comes a demand that we address our current crisis by looking inside – as if consciousness arises simply from within.

As a starting point for the class we assert that this notion of consciousness is an unfortunate vintage, faux-transgressive falsehood. Instead, we will explore an integrative and relational approach to examine the following chain as an algorithmic social building block.

{ viewer → screen → camera → performer → object }

In short, this class, composed of actors, performers, visual artists, writers and directors – will focus on looking and being looked at – performers and camera.

A greater chunk of the time will be given to experimenting with filming in class and there will be opportunities for participants to share works in progress for feedback. During these 8 weeks, outside of class, Shamriz will be filming a new project – “The Recursive Stage” and will share some of that experience with the class.

See attached PDF for full syllabus:

Film/Performance Workshop at PAM Los Angeles



intensive workshops for performance works in progress at PAM

Eight 3-hour classes over four weekends 12-3 each day
$70-100 sliding scale
Limited to 8 participants
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A Meditation on the Construction of the Real
with Lior Shamriz

Film director and artist Lior Shamriz leads a 4-week intensive workshop expanding the realm of performance for the camera. This workshop—the first in our series—will be using the live process of recording as means to create a framework for extended representation.

The task of constructing representations of the “real” within live performance for the camera confronts us, as directors and performers with questions about our desires and expectations of how the real should look, sound and feel. Performers and film makers are invited to explore methods for creating the “illusion of the real” with film director and artist Lior Shamriz. MIRROR is a workshop for those who want feedback on a long term project in an intimate setting and also for those who desire to make a new project within the class. Collaboration is invited among participants but not expected.

8/27 & 8/28: Introduction & Sources: Theory, History and Experiments
9/3 & 9/4: Door: Performer & Personae, Initiation, Conceptualizing, Language Materials
9/10 & 9/11: Timelessness Against the Scenery: Action, Film, Performativity, Acting
9/17 & 9/18: Editing: Framing & Re-Framing a Mirage

12-3 each day